Check out how much you spend on mobile games each month

Check out how much you spend on mobile games each month

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  • How much do you spend on mobile gaming each month?

  • It stands to reason that at least a few of our readers are spending money on mobile titles, but just how many are splashing out each month? That’s what we asked you earlier this week, and here’s what you said.

We posted the poll on Monday July 19, with just over 1,600 votes accrued up until now. The result? Well, it turns out that the vast majority of polled readers (80%) aren’t spending cash on mobile gaming each month. The comments suggest that a few people chose this option because they spend money on a more sporadic basis rather than each month. A couple of comments also suggest that some users simply don’t play games on their phone.

Otherwise, 7% of respondents indicate that they spend $10 or more each month. This figure goes up to 11% when we include people spending $5 or more.

As for the people that are spending money each month? Well, the most popular option was the $1 to $4.99 tier, and it’s easy to see why this might be the case. There are a ton of games available to purchase in this tier, while many in-app purchases are available in this price range. Furthermore, the Google Play Pass subscription service retails for $4.99 a month.

Martin Pollard: I’m one of those weirdos who considers their phone to be a communication device, not a gaming console. If I play any games at all, it’s a quick round of solitaire or blackjack while, say, waiting for my table to be ready at a restaurant.
Tennisfreak: I picked the “I dont spend cash on gaming” option because I dont spend “monthly” on games. I will only buy games that are full purchase one time for all features, and they are becoming increasingly more and more rare. So I dont buy every month, but rather maybe buy a game twice a year.I guess there are enough suckers out there to keep these “freemium” games in business but I will absolutely never buy or spend a dime on these games.
Bobby Phoenix: Maybe twice a year I’ll spend $5.00 on Clash Royale’s season pass. Only if they really have good rewards. I think the most I’ve ever spent total on all mobile games is $80.00. I know it is a lot, but for what I still have/play it was worth it.
Flashes: Why would anyone spend money on mobile gaming? It’s a scam.
Konrad Uroda-Darłak: Where is “it depends”?
DLS: Zero. I only pay for real games on PC or Consoles. I always thought mobile games are sh*t, and they always try to upsell their crap.

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