Check if the updated Samsung Camera Assistant app is available for your Galaxy phone

News Summary:

  • Users of the Camera Assistant app will have the choice of three picture softening settings: Off, Medium (50%), and High (100%). You can adjust the shutter tap speed so that it starts working as soon as the button is pressed rather than after it has been released.

  • With the One UI 5.0 update, Samsung’s Camera Assistant app was made available for the Galaxy S22 series. Sammy intends to distribute the Camera Assistant app to additional Galaxy phones. SamMobile reports that the app is anticipated to include more features in addition to bringing the Camera Assistant to more Samsung phones. Users will be able to control the timer, image sharpening, and speed of image capture with one new feature.

By sliding or holding down the on-screen shutter button, you can take a series of burst photos, a GIF, or a video.

The timer now has more options thanks to Samsung. Currently, pictures can be taken every one, two, three, five, and six seconds. And if your phone becomes warm while you’re recording or taking pictures, it might be because of the processing needed to support what you’re doing with the camera. Another potential cause of the phone overheating is having the screen brightness all the way up. After one minute (or ten minutes) of video recording, the Camera Assistant app can be configured to automatically dim the screen.

Utilizing the updated Camera Assistant app’s three new settings will also reduce shutter lag. When using Speed Priority, a photo will be taken as quickly as possible, with speed taking precedence over quality. Shutter lag will also disappear if the Auto HDR feature is disabled. Balanced and Quality Priority are the other two shutter settings. The former seeks to strike a balance between the shutter speed and the image’s quality. Quality Priority forgoes a quick shutter speed in favor of a concentration on the photograph’s quality.

Which smartphones will receive the Camera Assistant, then? I appreciate you asking. The Galaxy Note 20 series and all Galaxy S smartphones, beginning with the Galaxy S20 line and continuing through the Galaxy S23 models, will both get the app. Additionally, it will be made available to owners of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Z Flip 4, and every Galaxy Z Fold handset from the Fold 2 to the Fold 4.