CEO 2022 has stated that Lab Coat Android 21 will be banned from the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament

CEO 2022 has stated that Lab Coat Android 21 will be banned from the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament

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  • Since Lab Coat Android 21 was released as the latest (and likely last) character for Dragon Ball FighterZ, she’s immediately risen to top tier status. Other characters just aren’t able to deal with her command grab (which permanently nerfs the damage of opposing fighters) and her other tools. From the perspective of a tournament organizer, it’s also said that this fighter’s ability to debuff the opposing team is problematic as it effectively slows down the pacing of the match. Once a character is marked with that -21% damage reduction debuff, it’s impossible to remove.

  • CEO 2022 has declared that Lab Coat Android 21 would be prohibited from the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament. Lab Coat Android 21 has been banned from CEO 2022’s Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament, according to CEOGaming’s official Twitter. Jebailey and “the whole Dragon Ball FighterZ community” are said to have reached this choice. CEO 2022 will begin on June 24 and conclude on June 26. The event will take place at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida.

All top players seem to agree that Lab Coat Android 21 is the undisputed best character in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Since she wasn’t banned at Combo Breaker 2022, only 15 out of 48 players did NOT use Lab Coat Android 21 in the top 48 portion of the bracket, according to our character usage stats for the event. Of those that made it into the top 8, Yasha was the only one that wasn’t using Lab Coat Android 21. The remaining seven players in top 8 all had Lab Coat Android 21 as part of their teams.

For the players, preparation for CEO 2022’s Dragon Ball FighterZ event was a bit awkward as it’s currently impossible to know if Lab Coat Android 21 would be nerfed in time, and by how much. Even though characters like SS4 Gogeta and Vegito are still very strong in their own right, the decision to ban Lab Coat Android 21 should hopefully encourage more variety when it comes to team lineup. Funnily enough, the reception to this decision has been mostly positive even though most players appear to at least have a pocket Lab Coat Android 21 by this point.

It is worth mentioning that Bandai Namco announced that a new balance update for Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently in the works. Although details about this patch are very scarce at the moment, Lab Coat Android 21 was specifically named. However, the announcement of this patch occurred back in the early part of May. It’s been over a month since then and we haven’t received any updates about what is supposed to change in the patch, or when the patch is slated to drop.

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