Cell phone customer claims he cannot dial 911

Cell phone customer claims he cannot dial 911

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  • The world with cell phones has certainly become convenient for many, yet confusing for others, and even concerning, for a few.

  • But that’s not the case for at least one cell customer, who was able to call the 2News Oklahoma Problem Solvers for help.

“I worry about people,” Jim Rigsbee told us. “I hope no one dies from this situation.”

But Jim fears some of them, like he and his wife, could be at risk.

Jim gets his cell service through Assist Wireless, a subsidized program that gives disabled and low-income customers affordable service, sometimes even free.

“I don’t want to see anyone suffer because they can’t call 911.”

That’s his concern, John says.

His first phone from Assist Wireless didn’t let him call 911.

And it’s happened to him twice. The first time, when he witnessed a nasty car accident and pulled over to help.

“I couldn’t dial 911, luckily someone came in behind me and was able to dial 911 on their phone.” Then, Jim recalls the time they found a lost child, wandering aimlessly, and confused.

So he says he had to take precious minutes to look up the regular police number and call for help that way. “It’s a big concern of mine because there’s a lot of people that rely on this phone.”

When he brought his dilemma to Assist Wireless’ attention, they gave him a different brand phone, which worked properly, Jim says, until he had battery problems, and had to get another. Unfortunately, Jim says he couldn’t dial 911 on that next replacement, either.

What could be the consequences, he wonders. “If I had a medical issue, I couldn’t call, or my wife or my house was on fire.”

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