Cast in your ballots! Choose the winner of the iPhone photo contest

Cast in your ballots!  Choose the winner of the iPhone photo contest

Tech Highlights:

  • You may cast 10 votes for each of up to five photographers every day, with a maximum of 100 votes in total. You have until 8 May to cast your votes, providing for some fun in the May Day holiday. In the case that you are one of the finalists, get your friends, colleagues, teachers, students, sons, daughters, mums and dads to vote for you too!

  • This is something that many people have been looking forward to for a long time. It’s time to vote in the highly anticipated “A Decade of Nanjing” worldwide photography competition to see who will win an iPhone 13 or a Huawei P50, among other high-tech prizes. Now is the time to have some fun! An 11-person preliminary-evaluation team selected 59 images as finalists from the hundreds submitted to the competition. On the online voting platform, which can be accessed by scanning the QR code below, these are organised by photographer.

While much of the voting platform is bilingual, the actual voting section is only in Chinese. Look for “投票” below each finalists’ photos to vote, while under that is “返回首页” to return to the home page. After casting each vote, a pop-up message reminds as to how many votes you have remaining that day. So what’s up for grabs? As decided by the number of votes cast for each photographer, a total of 20 prizes comprising various gadgetry shall be awarded, as follows:

From the competition’s launch on 9 March until its closing on 31 March, entries poured in from over 20 countries worldwide, including Equatorial Guinea, Italy, Canada, Pakistan, Kenya, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Uganda, Netherlands, South Africa, Yemen, UK, Mauritius, USA, Ireland, Germany, Bangladesh, France and Nigeria. The intention behind “A Decade of Nanjing” is to demonstrate to the wider world the great achievements made in our city’s economic and social development over the last 10 years.

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