Carl Pei suggests that nothing Phone (1) May not receive Android 13 anytime soon

Carl Pei suggests that nothing Phone (1) May not receive Android 13 anytime soon

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  • Breaking down Pei’s reply, he refers to a product, which is the Phone (1) in this case and says that it is more than specs, features and version numbers. Pei could be referring to the user experience that people get when they purchase the Nothing Phone (1) and that it does not depend on Android version numbers. It could also mean that the company would stay on Android 12 for a while before it gets the Nothing OS all clean and sorted.

  • Pei might be alluding to the Nothing Phone’s (1) user experience and the fact that it is independent of Android version numbers. The CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei, teased the company’s response to the most recent Android improvements in a fascinating series of tweets. On August 17, journalist Nicolas Lellouche retweeted a question from Carl Pei asking if the business intended to release Android 13 for phones (1). Unexpectedly, Pei replied in a short amount of time, stating that “A product is more than just its specs, features, and version numbers.” It appears that Pei did not acknowledge or reject that Phone (1) will receive Android 13 at the same time.

Nicolas replied back to the CEO, asking whether the company prefers to improve the NothingOS over Android 12 and then upgrade to Android 13, but Pei did not respond. It is important to mention that other manufacturers like Google, Moto and Samsung are telling their customers by when can they expect the Android 13 update to be available on their devices. Amidst a competitive market, it might not be good for Nothing if it does not release the Android 13 update on time.

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