Can’t get used to the notch on your MacBook Pro? These apps will help you hide it

Can't get used to the notch on your MacBook Pro?  These apps will help you hide it

Tech Highlights:

  • Forehead (free): Besides letting you switch between your default wallpaper and a black notchless one, Forehead includes options to round the corners of the screen, similar to the rounded top corners of the new MacBook Pros. The ability to simulate a notch on older Macs is coming in an update.

  • If that logic doesn’t pass your scrutiny, the following apps are available. While they don’t outright cancel the notch, they at least make its existence less obvious by forcing a black menu bar, similar to how macOS Monterey adds a black black bezel to the top of the display when apps are in fullscreen mode, but by adapting your chosen wallpaper instead, like so.

TopNotch (free): Offers the same features as Forehead, and also supports Dynamic Wallpapers, works with multiple displays and spaces, and remains in the background and detects for wallpaper changes.

Own a new MacBook Pro? What do you think of the notch now that you’ve spent some time with it? Let us know in the comments.

De-Notch-ifier (€9.95): Offers the same features as TopNotch, just in the form of a dropdown menu in the menu bar. De-Notch-ifier isn’t a completely new app, rather a pre-configured version of Boring Old Menu Bar that gives you a boring old non-transparent menu bar on macOS Big Sur and later. If you buy one app, you get the other for free.

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