Canon’s universal battery grip might be compatible with several bodies

Any photographer who has had to charge extra batteries for a full-day shoot or trip knows the importance of a battery grip. Unfortunately, you need to make sure that the grip you buy is compatible with the camera model you are using. However, there could be a simpler solution on the horizon with the publication of photos from Northern Lights that exposes a Canon patent for a universal battery grip. It is such a simple idea, it is a miracle that has not yet been done.

The patent, now available on the website of the US patent office, describes a battery grip that resembles what is already available, except that, when it sees daylight, it will be compatible with different bodies using different adapters. This could be a cheaper alternative to buying a full fist for those who use multiple cameras regularly or for those who want to upgrade to a different shooting game.

Whether the grip will be compatible with other brands’ systems is a guess, but given the fierce competition in the industry, Canon can only allow the interface with its own cameras. That said, it seems that there are some useful ideas here that can make this grip very interesting. Although it has the usual tripod mount, the patent talks about a mobile tripod mount, with small gears that could reposition the tripod mount to better balance the different camera bodies.

What is not clear is how the battery handle will accommodate different types of batteries. While the Canon LP-E6N can power a wide range of bodies – including the EOS 6D Mark II and EOS 5D Mark IV DSLRs, and the current flagship, the EOS R full-frame mirrorless – other batteries are used by Canon cameras. Perhaps this is clear if and when the battery tightening is actually done – not all patent ideas are realized.

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