By integrating ChatGPT with Bing, Microsoft hopes to lure users away from Google

News Summary:

  • Over the weekend, we received nearly 1,900 votes. You can sign up for the service at, and 52% of those respondents say they would switch to it or at least try it. In addition, 11% of respondents say they already use Bing as their preferred search engine, while 30% of voters say they’ll stick with Google Search.

  • Bing trails Google Search, which has an 84% market share on desktops worldwide, with only about 9% of the market (per Statista). Microsoft hopes that its most recent adjustment will enable Bing to actually compete with Google. We questioned our readers about their interest in switching to the search engine after hearing the news that Microsoft is giving Bing new ChatGPT smarts thanks to OpenAI.