Buy JBL wireless earbuds at a 40 percent discount

Buy JBL wireless earbuds at a 40 percent discount

Tech Highlights:

  • But wired is when you have access to 24 hours of ultra-bass playback booming as you’re on the go, in the gym, or suffering through another work day. So if you are all about that bass and want to add some “boom boom boom” to your day-to-day, JBL’s Tune 225TWS wireless earbuds are here for you, now 40 percent off on Amazon.

  • A pair of earbuds makes all the difference in your quality of life. For instance, tired is when you’re breaking a sweat without flooding your eardrums with infectious melodies.

JBL Tune 225TWS is a great starter set for those who have still (somehow) not embraced wireless listening, or a great new addition to any existing earbud collection. Why drop over $200 for the ambiguous “perfect” earbuds, when you can get what you need–deep, bassy sound ingraining your nerves with just enough acoustic enzyme to turn up your mood–now for only $60?

Moreover, check out the sleek, futuristic case design for JBL Tune 225TWS. These earbuds really give you the material and quality to feel in the zone, whether you’re lying flat on a gym bench or in your cubicle, tapping it out on the keyboard. They may not be “premium,” but if you want the no-frill, no-fuss comfort, sound quality, fit, and style, now for $40 less, head here. A great deal is a great deal.

And given Tune 225TWS’ up-to-25 hours battery life, there’s really nothing to hold you back. No cables, no decrescendo of four battery-warning blips and then blops, and no hefty cost. Just pure bass, treble, lit vocals and instrumentals for as long as you can keep up. They’re great for audiobooks and podcasts, too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Q1. How do I reset my Glide 120 Headphones to factory settings?

A. To reset the Glide 120 to default factory settings, press the Volume Up & Volume Down button at the same time for 5 sec.

Q2. What is Dual EQ? How do I use this feature? A. Dual Equalizer (DQ) is a feature of Glide 120 which allows you to hear your audio files under 2 different setting; Normal Mode and Deep Bass Mode, depending on your interest. To use this feature, press and hold the both the volume controls (Up & Down) simultaneously for about 2 sec and you would hear mode to switch on.

Q3. Does the Glide 120 have Voice Assistant? A. The Glide 120 can be configured with the Voice Assistant on your mobile device. Once you have paired the headphones to your mobile device, press the power button twice continuously and this would activate the Voice Assistant on your mobile device.

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