Bungie had to patch this Destiny 2 raid armor because it was so obscene

News Summary:

  • In Root of Nightmares, the Guardians roam the top Shadow Pyramid of the Witness that the Travelers have created terrain with light energy, resulting in a wild and whimsical aesthetic woven enormous growth of flora among the pointed and angular structures inside the pyramid. Fittingly, the Root of Nightmares raid armor is also themed around a mix of light and dark, and it’s easily one of the weirdest pieces of gear a player has ever had the chance to wear. .

  • Armor pieces from Destiny 2’s PvE raids have always stood out a bit from sets obtained from world drops or other activities, as they often reflect the aesthetics of the raid they spawn in. broadcast. This has happened with every raid armor set added since its launch in 2017, and the gear for Destiny 2’s latest raid, the Root of Nightmares, is no different.

However, one piece of armor stood out in particular for a… different reason. You see, while all of the Root of Nightmare loot looks weird, the Warlock Class Hate Link is comically like a certain part of a woman’s body. You can view the original design from the link in the Tweet embedded below, combined with a shader that highlights its unique features.

To my knowledge, Bungie has only changed the appearance of a suit of armor twice in Destiny history. First, there’s the Hunter’s gauntlet, modified by Bungie in 2017, as the original armor bears an unintended resemblance to the controversial “Kek” internet meme. Earlier this year, the developers also tweaked the design of the Iron Banner Titan gloves to remove the Z-shaped strap on them. This is probably done because the letter Z has become a military symbol of Russia during its ongoing war of aggression in Ukraine.

Since the raid was released on March 10th, players have made countless jokes about the armor piece, even giving it a hilarious nickname that I won’t repeat here (check out this article). Check social media to find it, you won’t have any trouble). However, since the latest Destiny 2 patch was released yesterday, Bungie has surreptitiously changed the design of the link to make it look more like an eyeball and less… like that.

Compared to the problems of the past, the current situation is at least quite humorous and light-hearted. Bungie will certainly take extra care to ensure that armor pieces aren’t exposed in the future, but in the years to come, people will look back on the occasion and laugh at the days when a Warlock link looked like parts.