Buckle up for Thanksgiving travel and put your phone away

Buckle up for Thanksgiving travel and put your phone away

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  • According to KOHS, each year in Kentucky, more than half of those killed in motor vehicles are not wearing a seatbelt. You may also be seeing less crowded roads during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. GasBuddy, a crowd-sourced fuel savings platform, reported in its 2021 Annual Thanksgiving Travel Survey that only 32% of Americans plan to travel for Thanksgiving this year. That’s down from 35% last year, and less than half of the 65% that planned to hit the road for pre-pandemic Thanksgiving 2019.

  • According to KOHS, distracted driving results in more than 50,000 crashes in Kentucky each year, more than 15,000 injuries and approximately 200 deaths. So, they say put down the phone and refrain from distracted driving behaviors such as texting, emailing and phone chats. “Sometimes even the most attentive drivers are involved in a crash caused by other drivers,” said Transportation Cabinet Secretary Jim Gray. “That’s why wearing a seatbelt is the best defense against serious injuries and death. It is your best protection against a speeding, distracted or drunken driver.”

“Drivers are contending with a rise in COVID cases ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, when many drive to celebrate with friends and family. Only this year, we’re also just cents away from the highest Thanksgiving gas prices ever recorded,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. “With global oil demand surging this year as the pandemic has eased, we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory, some of the highest Thanksgiving gas prices on record.”

“While vaccines have helped travelers feel more comfortable, rising gas prices and continued concerns about the pandemic are making many Americans hesitant to travel,” said AHLA President and CEO Chip Rogers. He added, hotels continue facing economic fallout from the pandemic, underscoring the need for targeted federal relief, such as the Save Hotel Jobs Act, to support the industry and its workforce until travel fully returns.

A recent national survey commissioned by the American Hotel and Lodging Association had similar results. The survey found that 29% of Americans are likely to travel for Thanksgiving and 33% are likely to travel for Christmas, which represents an increase from 21% and 24%, respectively, from 2020. Those who do plan to travel over the holidays expect to drive, but rising gas prices may dampen those plans. Some 52% of Americans say they plan to take fewer trips and 53% plan to take shorter trips because of rising gas prices.

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