Both Nidhogg games have been updated with new levels and some cats

Both Nidhogg games have been updated with new levels and some cats

Points Highlighted:

  • Nidhogg 2’s update includes two new levels for duelling tug-of-war. Their names are fairly self-explanatory: there’s ‘Train’ and ‘Office,’ the latter of which Messhof says is modeled on the “open concept floorplan” found in the “real Messhof office in Venice California where play is work.” There’s a smiling inflatable mascot version of the Nidhogg worm giving the thumbs up near a basketball hoop and weight rack nestled into a bright purple shag carpet.

  • The original Nidhogg, which features low-res 4-bit style graphics and a psychedelic style, has a spooky new level called ‘Fields.’ It features some terrific places for duels, including a graveyard and a field lit by a huge full moon, and the whole place is crawling with amorous cats (which developer Mark Essen says not to be frightened by). The patch for Nidhogg also includes a new OST track by Daedalus, and you can now make the blood splatter last permanently in each level.

Here’s a peek of Fields, complete with ambient cats:

— Mark Essen (@messhof) September 15, 2021

Updates for @Steam users! We added two Nidhogg 2 levels (“Train” and “Office”). We also added a BRAND NEW level + @Daedelus remix to Nidhogg 1 called “Fields” along with longer lasting blood splatter and cats

I had a lot of fun with both Nidhoggs when they came out, but I have to confess that I had largely forgotten about them until today. Now seems like a good time to hop back in and do a little stabbing.

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