bossoLaptop-plea met with criticism

bossoLaptop-plea met with criticism

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  • Highlanders did not only face the wrath of supporters, but also many in the country ridiculed the club for what many termed a shocking stunt. Memes and jokes were created from the circular to the extent that the club could not ignore the backlash. “Fine, it’s one letter that leaked which was targeted to a specific group of members, but we are in touch with a lot of groups and members who are the key stakeholders of the club.

  • HIGHLANDERS claim they are taking steps to comply with Fifa club licencing criteria by providing their personnel with the most up-to-date working tools, which is why the club has made an appeal for a laptop for the CEO. Fans and members of the public responded differently when Bosso secretary Morgan Dube asked club members to help pay for the laptop. While Bosso emphasised that the circular was just for club members, the majority of people thought it was shameful for the club to ask for help in order to purchase a single laptop for a club of its kind.

Even if Highlanders was to have a trillion-dollar sponsorship, we will still go back to the members to give them that sense of responsibility and ownership of the club. “What I want to clarify is that we are not looking for one laptop. We are not looking for a laptop for an individual. We are looking for laptops for the office and the coaches included,” said chief executive officer Ronald Moyo. “We are looking for laptops and equipment for our marketing and media team and even our security team. So, we are saying the best way to do things is to have our staff using office equipment so that the club has ownership and is able to keep records.

The general feeling within the institution is that such initiatives cannot be carried out without involving members and fans, as it might take away the sense of belonging and ownership from the community that prides itself for being the key stakeholders of the institution. “The objective of the campaign is to equip all of the club’s offices that also include the finance, communications and marketing, security and loss control, entities management offices, and the technical teams across levels ranging from the youth teams, women’s team to the senior men’s team.

“For the record, everyone in the office has their own personal gadgets which they are using for office work which should not be the case. That is why we went to the members, who are the owners of the club, to seek their assistance in that regard,” said Moyo. The club later released a statement saying it wanted to comply with Fifa club licensing requirements by equipping staff members with sufficient tools to perform their duties effectively. “Highlanders seek to achieve this through approaching different corporates and its members, who are the owners of this great club.

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