Bloodborne 2 comes with the first game on PS5

Bloodborne 2 comes with the first game on PS5

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  • This rumor comes from Colin Moriarty of the Sacred Symbols podcast. Speaking on Bluepoint Games, Moriarty reiterated previous claims that Bluepoint Games is bringing Bloodborne 1 to PS5, but that the studio is supposedly going to be releasing Bloodborne 2 when that’s done. “They’re re-releasing Bloodborne on PS5, as I understand it, but we’re going to get a sequel to Bloodborne, as I have heard, out of them after that,”

  • Bluepoint Games, a firm best known for developing critically praised remakes of popular PlayStation games, was recently bought by Sony. Bluepoint Games was revealed to be working on a fresh new game as part of the purchase announcement, however it was unclear if that project was a new IP or not. If the newest speculations are to be believed, Bluepoint’s next game might be none other than Bloodborne 2.

Various insiders and leakers have all suggested that Bluepoint Games is working on a Bloodborne remaster or remake for PS5, though few have claimed that Bluepoint’s next game would be a Bloodborne sequel. In fact, leaker Millie A has suggested that Bluepoint’s original game is on the scale of Spider-Man: Miles Morales from Insomniac Games, which would seem unlikely if the studio is truly moving forward with Bloodborne 2 next.

Some might not like the idea of a Bloodborne sequel being developed by a studio other than FromSoftware, but From Software doesn’t seem to be interested in making the game. Reports indicate that FromSoftware is making a different PS5 exclusive game, presumably an original IP, though that remains to be seen. Right now the studio is focused on getting Elden Ring ready to ship, as that highly-anticipated game is scheduled to launch this coming January.

Ultimately, it’s hard to say whose information is correct until Bluepoint Games itself reveals what it’s working on. There are enough people claiming that a Bloodborne remake or remaster is coming next from the studio that it would be surprising if it turned out to be untrue, but there are less people saying that a Bloodborne sequel is also in the works. Fans will just have to take a wait and see approach for now.

Whether or not Bluepoint Games is making Bloodborne 2 or something completely different remains to be seen. The Demon’s Souls remake that the studio put out isn’t even a year old at this point so it’s hard to imagine that fans will get answers anytime soon, but hopefully they don’t have to wait too long to find out what’s next from the studio.

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