Blizzard announces new Diablo Immortal zones and dungeon content

Blizzard announces new Diablo Immortal zones and dungeon content

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  • In a blog post today, Blizzard reveals a little of what players can expect when they finally reach this new area. Beset with the game’s most insidious dangers, The Realm Of Damnation is Skarn’s personal lair. A piece of hell that he carved out for himself in the midst of the chaos at the end of Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction.

  • The closed beta test of Diablo Immortal contained a great lot of content, but it didn’t cover everything, and now gamers are getting their first glimpse at a new zone that will be released with the game. The Realm Of Damnation is where players will travel after pummeling their way through the Frozen Tundra.

Although Blizzard doesn’t have any new footage or screenshots to share, it does provide some audio samples to get players amped up for the adventure. Stay a while and listen to a handful of clips that set the stage. Which include samples of Skarn, voiced by Steve Blum. As well as samples of a new potential ally Verathiel, the angel warleader voiced by Kimberly Brooks.

A new activity called Demon Gates tasks players with hunting down powerful enemies. These are random encounters that appear multiple times per day on a timer. A party of three can hunt down the powerful demons trying to come through these gates for significant rewards. And that players can earn bonus rewards from three demon gates per day. It isn’t immediately clear if a party of three is needed though. Or if players will be able to solo these encounters.

The new zone in Diablo Immortal comes with a new dungeon. In terms of gameplay content, The Realm Of Damnation will have to offer players. Blizzard says it features the same kinds of wilderness gameplay that are available in other zones. Including quests, events, bounties, lairs, and of course plenty of loot. But before players can reach the Realm Of Damnation they’ll have to brave the Forests Of Misery. Where Verathiel has set up a base camp to gain a foothold in Skarn’s domain.

There’s a new dungeon as well. The Pits Of Anguish. Where players will need to battle blade-wielding demonic cultivators and tackle a “screen-filling boss fight with the most blood by volume of any in the game.” Diablo Immortal is due to launch on June 2 for Android and iOS. As well as PC through the launcher.

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