Blackboxstocks has announced the availability of a native mobile app for iOS and Android devices

Blackboxstocks has announced the availability of a native mobile app for iOS and Android devices

Tech Highlights:

  • “We are extremely excited to bring this application to our members,” commented Gust Kepler, Chief Executive Officer. “This application allows traders to be kept up to date without being tethered to their desktops. Our customizable push notification alerts allow our members to receive actionable trading information wherever they are. This is especially relevant now that a large portion of the new members we acquired in the 2021 retail boom have gone back to the workplace where our desktop platform can be hindered by firewalls or other corporate security policies,” Kepler explained.

  • The Blackbox platform, a financial technology and social media hybrid platform that provides real-time proprietary analytics for stock and options traders of all levels, announced today that it has completed development and released its mobile application for iOS and Android phones and devices. This new mobile application is available in the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices, and it includes over 90% of the features found in the Blackbox desktop version, such as audio-enabled chat rooms and live channels, proprietary stock and options analytics, and streaming market news. The robust push notification feature enables users to select and receive various real-time stock and options alerts sent to their mobile device even when they are not connected to the internet.

Brandon Smith, Chief Technology Officer, added, “Our goal in developing this application was to provide our mobile subscribers with the same breadth of features and real-time capabilities that they experience while using our web-based application. Our development team worked tirelessly to bring this highly comprehensive and complex set of features to our user’s mobile devices, using the latest in mobile development technologies. The result is an application that allows users to quickly react to changes in the stock market and have the full Blackbox experience, no matter where they are.”


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