BlackBerry Dynamics Android applications with WebViews

BlackBerry Dynamics Android applications with WebViews

Points Highlighted:

  • Your application can invoke BlackBerry Access using the Open HTTP URL Shared Service to either display the content in BlackBerry Access (in a separate app) or to display within your application as a full screen view of the web content rendered by BlackBerry Access. The full screen view allows you to control whether the browser chrome (URL bar, etc) and Launcher are displayed. This method makes use of BD Network Connectivity and will handle all authentication methods supported by BlackBerry Access. The feature to have a BlackBerry Access screen view appear in your own app was added in the March 2020 release of BlackBerry Access for Android.

  • BlackBerry Dynamics provides a secure method for an application to reach servers behind a corporate firewall. This is illustrated in the diagram above. For more information on how this works, refer to the BlackBerry Dynamics Architecture Overview. Let’s look at the five options currently available and the capabilities they offer.

This option refers to the standard WebView widget that’s part of Android and is probably what your (non BD) application currently uses. If you are displaying web content that is stored locally within your application, you could continue to use this method if the information shown is not confidential, such as a Help or About screen. Any network requests will be made directly to the Internet and not use BD Network Connectivity. This means your application will not be able to use BD technology to access resources behind a corporate firewall. BD data leakage policies will also not be applied, so users will be able to copy data from within your application and paste it into any other app unless you implement the BD ClipboardManager into your app.

The GDWebView extends the native Android WebView. It implements data leakage protection by blocking copy and paste and prevents form data being saved when utilizing the Android autofill framework when these features are disabled in the policy configured on BlackBerry UEM. It offers no additional functionality beyond data leakage prevention over the native Android WebView.

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