Birdman is being sued for unpaid rent on his Bel-Air mansion

Birdman is being sued for unpaid rent on his Bel-Air mansion

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  • Birdman is said to have stopped paying his rent during the summer and now owes till the end of the year. Birdman and Cycad were involved in a $33,000 month-to-month oral arrangement. Unfortunately for Cycad, there is no record of the transaction.

  • Birdman has fallen late on his rent and must now appear in court. Cycad Management has filed a lawsuit against the Cash Money Records boss for failing to pay rent on a Bel-Air property for the last five months.

“Floor to ceiling windows bring ample of light into a very big living space,” which contains seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. According to reports, the mansion has “hosted several A-listers and celebrities who have all given it rave ratings.”

Earlier this year, Birdman would address the narrative around Cash Money Records that detailed if you were an artist there you would never see the money. Those rumors included the biggest Cash Money star of all time in Lil Wayne who engaged in a dispute with Stunna over money.

The lawsuit reads, “At present, Defendants are very delinquent — nearly 5 months delinquent in rent — and also owe plaintiff other monies for cleaning services rendered at the Rental Property at Defendant’s request.”

During an appearance on the Big Facts podcast, Birdman would address all claims of pulling a bag from artists.

“I ain’t never took from no nigga,” Birdman said. “I always bless niggas. I had some incidents early on because I was really young in this shit. I ain’t know no better. Any problem I had I cleared it up. I paid my nigga. Remember because I was young. I’m telling you 20 years old. So, a lot of shit happened early on, I just ain’t know. And I’m with these white folks and they not attending to the business.”

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