Big privacy flaw iPhone User make

Big privacy flaw iPhone User make

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  • What is iPhone photo metadata?

  • Here’s how to stop your iPhone from saving your location to your camera snaps so you can share them safely.

Metadata is a hidden set of data that provides information about and describes files such as images, videos and documents.

It allows your mobile to sort your photos in chronological order, for instance, or by the places they were taken.

When it comes to your iPhone photos, metadata is stored within the file about the time it was taken, the location of the shot and more.

It also allows iOS to create video montages called “Memories” of your trips away, which are stored in the “For You” section of Photos.

The trouble is, that data remains stored on photos that you send over Apple services such as iMessage and AirDrop.

It means someone else can easily read your metadata if you send them your snaps.

That means they can hunt down where you live, work or visit frequently in just a few taps. You can tell your iPhone not to store metadata on images and videos in your device settings.

Fortunately, your location and other metadata is wiped from images uploaded to social media – so anything posted to Facebook or Instagram is secure. How to remove location data from a photo

Under every image in your Photos, you can view the approximate location it was taken by swiping up. Your iPhone will also tell you the time and date it was taken, the device it was taken on, the size of the file and more.

You can also read this data by tapping on the information (i) button underneath your photo. Here’s how to remove location data from an image:

Navigate to the photo of your choosing and swipe up Tap “Adjust” at the bottom right hand corner of the map

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