Biden urges AI weapons to counter threats from China and Russia

Biden calls on AI weapons to counter threats from China and Russia

According to the report, artificial intelligence will “cut decision-making time” and require military responses that humans alone cannot make quickly enough.

And it warns that Russia and China are unlikely to honor such a treaty. However, critics say the proposals risk an “irresponsible” arms race.

“This is a shocking and frightening report that could lead to the proliferation of AI weapons that make decisions about who to kill,” said Professor Noel Sharkey, spokesman for the campaign against killer robots.

“The world’s greatest AI scientists have warned them of the consequences, and yet they are moving on.

“This will lead to serious violations of international law.”

The report argues that when properly tested and approved for use by a human commander, autonomous weapons systems should comply with international humanitarian law.

The mind is focused by a current shortage of chips affecting the automotive industry.

However, China also views the matter as critical to its own ambitions and, on the previous Monday, to its Ministry of Industry and Information Technology promised to “vigorously support” its own chipmakers.

Beijing previously announced that it would produce 70% of the chips used locally by 2025.

China’s semiconductor manufacturers have been looking for used photolithography equipment and, according to a report in Nikkei Asia, bought up to 90% of the available inventory.

However, these older machines are unable to produce the most advanced chips that are valued for use in the latest smartphones and other consumer devices, as well as military applications.

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