Biden sets new goal for vaccinations, July 4 celebrations, after COVID relief bill

Biden sets new goal for vaccinations, July 4 celebrations, after COVID relief bill

News: Biden sets new goal for vaccinations, July 4 celebrations, after COVID relief bill.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Joe Biden said Thursday he would instruct the US states to qualify all adults for the coronavirus vaccine by May 1 and urged Americans to stay in hours after a stimulant bill was signed $ 1.9 trillion to remain vigilant against the virus.

In a prime-time televised address on the first anniversary of the U.S. pandemic lockdown, Biden spoke insistently about the dire effects of the virus and said he was working to speed up COVID-19 vaccinations to bring a better sense of normalcy in the country by July create 4 holiday on independence day.

That date marks a new target for the President, who has warned Americans that more pain and death will be caused by the virus, which has killed more than 530,000 people in the United States, most countries. Coronavirus-related bans and restrictions have cost millions of jobs.

The virus was “rejected for days, then weeks, then months, resulting in more deaths, more infections, more stress and more loneliness,” Biden said.

“Finding light in the dark is a very American thing. In fact, it might be the most American thing we do, ”he said.

As the bill’s financial incentive reached growing numbers of vaccinated people, Biden showed cautious optimism to a country like the rest of the world no longer facing pandemic restrictions and economic pain.

Biden said he is ordering U.S. states, territories and tribes to qualify all adults to receive a coronavirus vaccine by May 1. The White House said it would have enough vaccines to keep the population safe by the end of May. About 10% of Americans have been fully vaccinated to date.

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Direct deposits from the US COVID bill should be made this weekend, the White House says

The president also announced that an additional 4,000 US troops will assist with the vaccination effort, bringing the total to 6,000. Families and friends should be able to gather in small groups again by July 4, a holiday many Americans celebrate with hot outdoor parties, dogs and fireworks.

The White House is also looking to expand the pool of people who can administer shots to include dentists, opticians, paramedics, veterinarians, and medical students.

Biden campaigned last year for a promise to fight the pandemic more effectively than Republican President Donald Trump did, and he tried to encourage and model behaviors such as wearing masks that Trump avoided.

He encouraged Americans to continue their mitigation efforts – wearing masks, staying socially aloof, and practicing good hygiene – to stop the virus from spreading if the pace of vaccinations picks up. A number of states have eased restrictions.


Earlier in the day, Biden signed the US bailout bill, designed to provide a financial bridge to hard-hit Americans and a boost to the economy. Vice President Kamala Harris was at his side in the Oval Office. The package is a major political victory for the Democratic president less than two months into office.

Biden and senior members of his administration will begin a victory lap in the coming weeks to praise and explain the legislation that was finally approved by the US House of Representatives on Wednesday.

“This historic piece of legislation is about rebuilding the backbone of this country and giving the people of this nation – workers and citizens, the people who built the country – a chance to fight,” Biden said before the signing.

Biden’s signing of the bill, which passed without a single Republican vote, was originally scheduled for Friday, but White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said it was postponed after arriving at the White House Wednesday night.

“We want to move forward as quickly as possible,” wrote Klain on Twitter. A celebration with congressional leaders would take place on Friday, he said.

The package provides for $ 400 billion for $ 1,400 in direct payments to most Americans, $ 350 billion for state and local governments, an increase in child tax credits, and an increase in funding for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in front. Republicans complained that the price was too high.

Biden will discuss the benefits of the Pandemic Relief Act when traveling to Pennsylvania next Tuesday and Atlanta March 19.

The virus lockdown began under Trump, who downplayed the crisis in its early stages and repeatedly predicted that the virus would soon go away, even if his administration pushed for vaccine development to be accelerated.

Former president and wife Melania Trump did not appear in a public notice released Thursday promoting COVID-19 vaccinations and introducing all other living former US presidents and their spouses.

Reporting by Jeff Mason; Additional reporting from Andrea Shalal, Jarrett Renshaw, and Susan Heavey; Editing by Heather Timmons and Peter Cooney

Original Source © Reuters

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