BharOS: 5 Free Open Source Mobile Operating Systems to Try on Your Android Smartphone

News Summary:

  • Installing a custom ROM requires unlocking the bootloader, making the device vulnerable to hacking and malware. Additionally, custom ROMs can affect key functions of the smartphone and render the phone unusable. Finally, download custom ROMs only from verified sources. If you don’t use Google services on your Android phone and want your own secure and stable operating system, Sailfish OS is one of the few options that offers Gen 4 security with Firejail sandbox protection. Reduce the risk of security breaches when using Linux namespaces.

  • BharOS, a Linux kernel-based operating system for Android phones from an IIT-founded startup, is currently being touted as a rival to India’s own Android and iOS. BharOS is still in testing, but is said to be compatible with Pixel smartphones. You may have to wait at least a few more months if you want to install his BharOS on your phone or buy a phone that comes with BharOS. In the meantime, here are some Android OS custom builds you can use without Google services. Please note that installing a custom ROM on your smartphone comes with its own set of risks.

This operating system is developed and maintained by the team behind the Jolla series of devices that came shortly after the Nokia N800 and N900 series smartphones. Since this is still a Linux kernel-based operating system, users can sideload APKs. However, the main drawback of this operating system is that support is limited to some Sony smartphones.