Because of this, Apple won’t make a hybrid console like the Nintendo Switch

Because of this, Apple won't make a hybrid console like the Nintendo Switch

Tech Highlights:

  • Apple’s gadgets are still extensively utilised for gaming, despite the fact that company has moved away from specialist gaming gear. Mobile games account for the majority of the App Store’s income, and Apple even established its own subscription gaming service, Apple Arcade, in 2019.

  • Apple has a long history with gaming. While most people think of Apple as the king of mobile gaming, the Macs of the late 1980s played games like Sim City, and in the 1990s, Apple collaborated with Bandai to produce Pippin, a specialised video game device.

A new report is gaining traction today suggesting that Apple is making a Nintendo Switch competitor. It’s a sketchy rumor at best and complete nonsense at worst that suggests a new Apple-made hybrid console is in the works. Alongside it, games rivaling Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are apparently almost ready to go, according to sources that talked to iDrop News.

Apple obviously tests a lot of ideas out internally that never see the light of day. It’s entirely possible that this premium hybrid device exists in a secret lab in Cupertino and that iDrop News’s information is coming from someone with knowledge of it. It’s also possible that it doesn’t exist at all.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard rumors of an Apple-branded console, and the report is not very clear on when such a product would launch other than there being “a chance of this being released soon.”

The iPod touch remains (yes, it is still available) the nearest thing to a gaming device Apple sells, at least as far as its branding suggests, though it can do most of the things an iPhone or iPad can do. Its A10 chip offers paltry performance compared to more modern devices, so it really shouldn’t be bought by basically anyone in 2021, but an emphasis on fun marks it out as a product for kids and entertainment use cases.

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