Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Reveal is coming October 14th

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Reveal is coming October 14th

Tech Highlights:

  • Though not much information has been provided on Hazard Zone, rumors indicate that it’s akin to Escape from Tarkov. The latter offers an action RPG/FPS with MMO elements where players group up and conduct raids on AI controlled enemies. Every so often, they may come into contact with other players and must survive. The realistic combat, coupled with the risk associated with potentially losing supplies on death, have made it very popular.

  • DICE has shown off Battlefield 2042’s basic multiplayer modes as well as Battlefield Portal, which allows players to create unique games utilising maps from previous Battlefield games. Hazard Zone, its “all-new high-stakes multiplayer experience” where it’s “every team for itself,” will be revealed later this week. Check out the teaser below, and stay tuned for the complete unveiling on October 14th at 8 a.m. PT.

If Hazard Zone is aiming for the same experience, it remains to be seen what changes will be made. We’ll find out in the coming days so stay tuned. Battlefield 2042 is out on November 19th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Recent reports have surfaced about its troubled development, including the title apparently starting out as a battle royale title.

DICE has been running beta tests ahead of Battlefield 2042’s launch but obviously hasn’t given anyone the chance to try out Hazard Zone just yet. There are currently no more beta tests scheduled between now and release day, so the first chance you’ll have to play the new mode may not be until November 19, or a week early if you pre-order.

The Hazard Zone leak earlier this year also revealed that players will be able to unlock perks such as loadout insurance. That will ensure you don’t lose whatever you have in that particular round as by the looks of it, anything you lose, you lose for good, not just for the purposes of that one match. Details about Hazard Zone could have changed since the datamine, of course, so there’s no telling how close it will be to what was unofficially revealed.

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