Bandai Namco reports that the Lab Coat Android 21 balancing upgrade for Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released “around July 2022”.

Bandai Namco reports that the Lab Coat Android 21 balancing upgrade for Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released "around July 2022".

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  • “The game balance update, including “Android 21 (Lab Coat),” is scheduled to be released around July 2022,” wrote the official Bandai Namco ESports Twitter account. “We have been working hard for the release, so please wait for further details. We hope for your continued support of DRAGON BALL FighterZ.”

  • According to Bandai Namco, a Lab Coat Android 21 balancing update for Dragon Ball FighterZ will be published “before July 2022.” Lab Coat Android 21 is the most recently released DLC character for Dragon Ball FighterZ, and she has been causing havoc on gamers since her initial launch in February. Bandai Namco indicated early last month that a new balancing update would be coming soon, and they explicitly highlighted Lab Coat 21 as one of the characters that will be affected. It appears that we now have an official release date for the patch, which will be “around July 2022.”

Now, Bandai Namco hasn’t outright said that Lab Coat 21 will receive nerfs, but that is certainly the heavy implication based on everything we’ve seen of her over the last five months or so. There will also very likely be balance changes for other characters on the roster aside from Lab Coat. The latest DLC character has some truly powerful techniques at her disposal. One of her most egregious moves comes in the form of her level 1 command grab super that is fairly easy to land, works in combo, and not only permanently nerfs the opponent’s damage by 21%, but also permanently buffs her damage by 21%.

Daytona Beach’s big fighting game gathering is set to take place on June 24 through 26, so there will likely be very little chance that nerfs to Lab Coat 21 will be made before then considering Bandai Namco estimates a July launch for the update. Speaking of Combo Breaker, one of the FGC’s most prominent competitions, Lab Coat Android 21’s usage remained through the roof and served as a reminder of how much of a problem she still very much is. Out of the top 48 players, a staggering 33 different competitors had the DLC character on their team.

This contender’s skills are so powerful, in fact, that calls for banning her from major Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments have been made several times here in 2022. Though Combo Breaker 2022 — which took place this past weekend — did not prohibit players from using her, one of the biggest fighting game events of the year, CEO 2022, has already confirmed she will not be allowed at the tournament.

A specific date has not yet been given for Dragon Ball FighterZ’s next balance update, but those who play the game likely cannot get the patch soon enough. We’ll just have to wait and see what all the company decides to do to Lab Coat Android 21 to make her a more regulated part of the roster.


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