Ayato Kamisato is not a horse, which is bad news for Genshin Impact players

Ayato Kamisato is not a horse, which is bad news for Genshin Impact players

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  • We regret to notify you that this leak is a complete hoax, a prank that has been blown out of proportion. In this essay, we’ll look at the origins of these pranks and how they spread so quickly among the community.

  • If you’ve been following Genshin Impact on Twitter, you may have noticed that one of the future characters, Ayato, is a horse. Seriously. It wouldn’t be too strange in a fantasy world with oni, talking birds, dragons, and Paimon, right?

The Ayato horse leak began when Twitter user Mushi shared a screenshot from the Wangshen Funeral Parlor discord, which is a hotbed for Genshin Impact leaks. In this picture, Discord user abc69 is pressed for information about Ayato Kamisato (a figure mentioned in character tales but never seen in-game).

Over the next few hours, this joke grew and grew into a leak that was genuinely believed by some Genshin Impact users, As a result, many of the bigger, more reputable leakers have come out to clarify that Ayato is in fact not a horse.

This joke was then captured and posted on twitter by user Mushi (viewable below). This account was created literally yesterday, and has a tweet history filled with joke leaks. In spite of how obvious of a troll post this way, it of course got picked up by the community and circulated online.

It says a lot about the culture around Genshin Impact leaks (and how spot on they are most of the time) that something like this can circulate and be taken as fact by a portion of the playerbase. As funny as it is to see those out there publicly buying this gag, and the memes that have been created as a response, it does act as a reminder of the importance of checking your sources. Otherwise you might end up in an embarrassing situation as a result of some horsing around.


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