AWS Gamekit support is coming for Unreal Engine 4 games for Android and iOS

AWS Gamekit support is coming for Unreal Engine 4 games for Android and iOS

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  • the creation of unique identities for each player and allow players to sign into your game. Verify player identities and manage player sessions. create and track game-related rewards earned by players. maintain a synchronised copy of player game progress in the cloud to allow players to resume gameplay across sessions. maintain game-related data for each player, such as inventory, statistics, and cross-play persistence. Eric Morales, managing director of Amazon Web Service Game Tech, spoke with us at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022 about how cloud services support work-from-home developers.

  • Amazon Web Services’ AWS GameKit has been verified to now support Unreal Engine games on Android, iOS, and MacOS. The kit was released in March of this year to enable the creation of AWS-powered games and cloud-based features directly from Unreal Editor. It enables game producers to self-manage a game’s cloud resources. There are a number of the GameKit’s features said to be coming to mobile, from achievements to authentications, that game creators will be able to employ.

As progress and rewards are trackable with the AWS GameKit, game-related player achievements are able to be implemented and a synchronised copy of game progression can be backed up to the cloud. Features of the Gamekit are said to be “fully customisable”. This opportunity for mobile developers comes weeks after Android announced that older apps must update to remain discoverable and downloadable and as many as 7,000 apps could soon be purged from the Apple App Store. Recently, ironSource extended its advertising app partnership with Tilting Point after seeing the LevelPlay tool implemented in 95 per cent of its ad-supporting apps. Aaron is the Staff Writer at and has long enjoyed a good turn-based strategy game. He has spent many more hours playing Fire Emblem Heroes than he cares to admit.

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