Available to all Total War: Warhammer III Is Immortal Empires owners

News Summary:

  • Coming to patch 2.4 today, Immortal Empire is available to all owners of Total War: Warhammer III. Any content purchased in the series is now available for use in the Immortal Empire without ownership of Total War: Warhammer & Total War: Warhammer II. Immortal Empire is out in beta, and over the past six months we’ve pushed through updates big and small to keep the campaign growing. The beta tag is gone now, and the solid foundation that’s been around since its release should pave the way for even bigger things – though that doesn’t mean the work on fixing bugs or the game has stopped.

  • SEGA and Creative Assembly have made a global campaign mode, Immortal Empire, available to owners of Total War: Warhammer III. It’s basically a giant campaign that you can join and it’s free for everyone to celebrate the game year. you get more than a few extras, so it feels like you’re getting a full expansion to improve things all around. You can read more about it below, along with a quote from the team and the latest trailer.

Immortal Empire is a large-scale campaign mode for Total War: Warhammer III that combines legendary warlords, gameplay mechanics, war units, campaign maps, and more. from the trilogy into a giant mode that spans the vast world of Warhammer. This is the most comprehensive and clear Warhammer strategy experience ever. “We look forward to welcoming more players to the global mayhem that is the Immortal Empire as part of our year-long celebration,” said game director Richard Aldridge. “It’s been a tough challenge for the team, but we’re excited to make the mode more accessible at the start of our exciting DLC ​​journey.”