Audio Entertainment: Apple Music Radio Shows Take Over Apple Podcasts App!

Audio Entertainment: Apple Music Radio Shows Take Over Apple Podcasts App!

Apple Music Radio Shows Now Available in Apple Podcasts App

With the introduction of iOS 17, Apple has revamped its Podcasts app, offering a new interface with improved features. One of the major updates is the integration of Apple Music radio shows into the Apple Podcasts app. Previously, creators had to launch separate subscriptions for Apple Podcasts, but now, third-party apps can connect their App Store subscriptions to Podcasts.

This new API allows subscription-based apps to provide exclusive podcasts to their paying users through Apple Podcasts. To showcase the possibilities of this integration, Apple has integrated its Apple Music subscription with Podcasts. Subscribers with a valid Apple Music subscription can now access the entire catalog of award-winning, commercial-free Apple Music radio shows within Apple Podcasts.

Users can follow individual shows, automatically download episodes, and receive notifications when new episodes are released. This integration is particularly useful for users who prefer to listen to Apple Music’s original live shows in a podcast format. Some of the available shows include Apple Music Today, The Zane Lowe Interview Series, The Message with Ebro Darden, Proud Radio, and HYPED.

In addition to Apple Music radio shows, users will also find Apple News+ content in the Podcasts app. However, accessing Apple News+ content requires an Apple News+ subscription.

To find podcasts from your app subscriptions, simply open the Podcasts app, tap on the Library tab, and choose the Channels option. You’ll see a list of your apps that offer podcasts as part of a subscription.

With these updates, Apple aims to enhance the podcast listening experience for its users, providing them with a seamless integration of Apple Music radio shows and other subscription-based content within the Apple Podcasts app.