Audio Entertainment: Apple Music Radio Shows and Narrated News+ Take Podcasts to the Next Level!

Apple Podcasts Introduces Exclusive Premium Content for Apple Music and Apple News+ Subscribers

Apple has announced exciting updates to its services during the WWDC 2023 event, including a new feature that allows users to access exclusive content by signing into premium channels on Apple Podcasts. This update is now being rolled out, and users with active Apple Music and Apple News+ subscriptions can enjoy premium content within Apple’s podcast channels.

The Apple Music and Apple News channels have been available for some time, but they lacked premium content and licensing for music. Previously, users could only listen to interview segments from Apple Music without the accompanying music. However, with this latest update, Apple Music programs like “Time Crisis” and “Classical Connections Radio” are now available in full on Apple Podcasts. Since these programs require an Apple Music subscription, they include all the music used in each episode.

Additionally, Apple News+ has launched a new show called “Apple News+ Narrated” on Apple Podcasts. This show is exclusive to Apple News+ subscribers and features narrated articles that are typically available within the News app.

While much of this content has been available within Apple’s apps, such as “Apple Music Today,” it was often difficult to discover and there was no way to keep track of listening history or new episodes. However, with Apple Podcasts, interested customers can now easily subscribe to their favorite Apple Music radio shows, receive new episodes in their queue, and mark episodes as listened when finished. This feature has been highly requested by users since the launch of Apple Music radio shows.

It is unclear why Apple has not provided proper queue, scheduling, and subscription support within Apple News and Apple Music for their content. However, the integration of Apple Podcasts is a welcome feature for users who can now enjoy exclusive premium content with ease.