At CES 2022, Razer will launch a new gamingLaptop introduce

At CES 2022, Razer will launch a new gamingLaptop introduce

Tech Highlights:

  • In addition to the line of laptops being packed with new graphical power, there will also be a good degree of CPU power under the hood, too. This new refresh also adds the power of Intel 12th Gen, and AMD Ryzen 6000 processors, giving you the latest cutting-edge power that you can take on the go. The Razer Blade 14 will also add a new MUX Switch, and a slight chassis refresh with a new fingerprint-resistant coating, and a slight boost to its webcam specs. Each of the other lines has also gotten slight refreshes, but nothing so significant that will warrant a brand-new model. Regardless, it’s great to see Razer’s laptops getting their refreshes in early, as these new mobile components are incredibly impressive, and something that many laptop gamers may miss out on.

  • With the CES announcements pouring in, veteran business Razer has revealed a few updates to its existing devices, including compatibility with the recently released mobile version of the Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti, which was showed off at Nvidia’s CES presentation this year. The Razer Blade will be able to use GDDR6 RAM in a laptop, with performance comparable to a desktop TITAN RTX. This is an amazing amount of power in a portable system, and it’s all housed in a chassis that looks just as good as the Razer Blade.

The Razer Blade 15 gets the same hardware refresh, as well as options for an HD 360Hz display, QHD 240Hz, in addition to a new UHD 144Hz configuration, and an IPS display. Razer has additionally slightly bumped up the specs of the Razer Blade 17 in the form of a slightly larger battery, in addition to shipping with a GaN 280W charger, as well as enough connectivity to shake a stick at.

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