Asterigos, an action RPG, has been revealed for the PS5, PS4 and PC

Asterigos, an action RPG, has been revealed for the PS5, PS4 and PC

Tech Highlights:

  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Asterigos features free exploration in an ancient Rome and classical Greek-inspired city complex, customizable styles of combat, challenging encounters, and immersive storytelling.

  • Taiwanese game developer Acme Gamestudio has announced action RPG Asterigos for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. It will launch for PlayStation 4 and PC by late spring 2022, followed by PlayStation 5 in late fall 2022.


Hilda, a brave Northwind Legion warrior, seeks to find her lost father and enters the mythical cursed city. She will come to realize the rise—and fall—of a great city, witness history in the making, and face difficult choices which will shape the entire kingdom’s fate.


Exploration – Explore Aphes, the fallen city of the stars. Dive into the truth of history and restore it back to its former glory.

Challenge – The cursed beasts ravage across the realm. Arm with the power of gods to defeat them.

Storytelling – A story told from different perspectives. Hilda’s choices will determine the fate and outcome of everyone.

Sword and Shield – Balanced in assault and defense. It can block most attacks from front. Daggers – Agile and flexible. The fast-paced attacks and back-steps on enemy can enter and leave the fray swiftly.

Spear – Skillful in details. It requires high reflexes and controls to parry the enemy, but rewards with strong counterattacks. Hammer – Heavy and mighty. The powerful force of the hammer can easily break the enemy’s balance.

Staff – Make the first move. It enables long-range attacks and can defeat the enemy before they approach. Bracelets – Steady and passive. Set up magic mines to create an area to your advantage.

About the Developer Formed by a group of passionate developers in 2016, Acme Gamestudio strives to learn new technology with hard works and innovation, so that fun gaming experience could be created.

We believe only with true love for games, and dedications to craft can create a piece that has value in both commercial and in art.

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