Assistance: Amadeus and Microsoft Unleash AI-Powered Virtual Assistant for Unprecedented Tech Wizardry

Amadeus and Microsoft to Pilot AI-Generated Assistant for Business Travellers

Travel technology giant Amadeus is teaming up with Microsoft and Accenture to pilot a new AI-enabled digital assistant aimed at helping business travellers. The assistant will be integrated into the Cytric Easy travel and expenses platform through Microsoft Teams. Using generative AI and natural language processing, the assistant will assist corporate travellers in completing complex travel-related tasks.

The pilot project, in collaboration with Accenture, will utilize Microsoft technology, including Azure Open AI Service, Microsoft 365, and Teams. Travellers will be able to plan, book, and manage their trips through a chatbot that adopts a conversational style. The chatbot will ask for clarifications and suggest the most appropriate travel or itinerary options based on the traveller’s preferences and their employer’s policies.

Rudy Daniello, Executive Vice President at Amadeus Cytric Solutions, explained that the AI-powered chatbot will enhance the booking experience by moving from a standard sequential display to a dynamic, interactive conversational interface. This will save business travellers time and streamline the booking process.

The collaboration between Amadeus, Microsoft, and Accenture aims to accelerate the integration of generative AI-powered solutions in the travel industry, driving innovation and reinvention. As part of this effort, a Cytric Easy plug-in for Microsoft 365 Copilot is also being developed. This plug-in will allow colleagues to match and book travel itineraries within a single workflow in Microsoft 365 using natural language prompts.

Feliz Montpellier, General Manager of Global Partners at Microsoft, emphasized that AI is reshaping industries like travel and transforming how we work. Through expanded integrations between Microsoft and Amadeus, the collaboration aims to create more value for corporations and deliver personalized and productive experiences for travellers.