Are you planning to get yourself a Google Pixel 6 on Black Friday? What you should know

Are you planning to get yourself a Google Pixel 6 on Black Friday?  What you should know

Tech Highlights:

  • The Pixel 6 has new camera hardware and features wide and ultrawide lenses, as well as the neat Magic Eraser tool in Google Photos that can remove unwanted objects — and people — from your pictures. “I can’t think of a better phone to recommend” at the price, CNET’s Patrick Holland said in his review . Here’s what we know about Pixel 6 sales for Black Friday, if you’re looking to save money on an already affordable phone.

  • The Pixel 6 phone is already being offered as part of Black Friday promotions by several stores. However, you must act quickly. Fans of Google’s Pixel phones are waiting to see if the freshly introduced Pixel 6 will be included in special Black Friday events, which are already hitting businesses across the internet. It’s worthwhile to look for a bargain: CNET Editors’ Choice Award winner for Google’s phone. Google does have a Pixel on sale, but it’s the Pixel 5A, which is $50 down, rather than the Pixel 6, which is $599 unlocked.

Target did have the Pixel 6 on sale on Nov. 21 with an early Black Friday deal. knocking $50 off the 128GB phone to $549. But right now, the phone is out of stock on Target’s site. It was the unlocked version, meaning there are no special requirements or a set carrier, making this a great deal if you’re looking to upgrade. It also means it does not support mmWave. Just the Verizon and AT&T versions handle that flavor of 5G.

This year’s Pixel phone sports Google’s own Tensor chip, which delivers fast, smooth performance and all-day battery life. Enhancements to chip security keep your data safe. It’s also unlocked to be compatible with all major carriers. Best Buy had the Pixel 6 on sale for $499, but that price was for a new line or new account, not upgrades. And right now it’s sold out too. A $549 128GB Pixel 6 is available at Best Buy, just for Verizon and T-Mobile customers, if you activate when you purchase. For now, there’s no news about the Pixel 6 Pro being included, but we will post all the latest news about Black Friday deals on the Pixel series here, so keep checking back.

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