Are you looking for a small Android phone? You can’t have her according to that iPhone 13 minis

Are you looking for a small Android phone?  You can't have her according to that iPhone 13 minis

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  • Here at Android Authority, we see commenters post all the time about how much they hate the lack of choice when it comes to the sizing of phones. “Why do all Android phones need to be huge slabs,” they ask again and again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this problem will be going away anytime soon. According to Consumer Research Intelligence Partners (CIRP) (via MacRumors), the iPhone 13 Mini isn’t faring well with United States consumers. The phone’s lack of success likely means one thing: small Android phones aren’t going to be successful, either.

  • Android OEMs are undoubtedly watching the Mini’s demise and thinking to themselves, “Nope, not going to bother.” If you’re hoping for compact Android phones, they’re unlikely to arrive anytime soon. Consumers in the United States are not enthusiastic about the iPhone 13 Mini. Because of Apple’s lack of success in this area, Android OEMs are likely to focus on larger devices.

According to CIRP, the iPhone 13 Mini accounted for just 3% of all iPhone 13 sales in the US over the last quarter. It is, by far, the worst-selling of the iPhone 13 models. The iPhone 12 Mini didn’t do much better.

Because the Mini line is basically failing for Apple, most Android OEMs won’t bother trying to produce small Android phones. In this cutthroat market, the competition is too fierce to waste time and resources creating phones that won’t be bonafide hits with consumers.

Small Android phones: Apple’s ‘Mini’ line says ‘nope’
Obviously, the Android consumer is very different from the Apple consumer. However, Android OEMs inevitably look to Apple to judge what the affluent smartphone buyer wants. Despite what many Android users would like to think, there is plenty of crossover between the desires of Apple fans and those of Android fans.

Granted, there will continue to be sizing differences within Android. The Galaxy S22, for example, is significantly smaller than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, if you were hoping for an Android phone to be even smaller than that, you might not want to hold your breath. The iPhone is one of the most successful phones of all time, see how it compares to Android with our Apple newsletter.

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