Are Gaming Phones Really Necessary?

Are Gaming Phones Really Necessary?

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  • As more gamers started playing games on their smartphones, the companies that have spend decades manufacturing PC hardware for gamers have moved into the mobile market. In doing so, they’ve brought many of the same concepts, including the desire for power, quality graphics, enhanced cooling, and ergonomics. If you look at a dedicated gaming phone, you’ll also notice most of the design choices have been copied and pasted right from the giant towers hardware PC players buy.

  • There are numerous uses for smartphones. They assist us in managing our finances, staying up to date on current affairs, and staying in touch with our loved ones. They’re also fantastic for entertainment because we can access practically all of the stuff ever produced through music and video streaming services. Additionally, more individuals are playing games on their devices, utilising the portability to play everything from AAA (big studio) games to simple games we like to play on the go. Casino games are also quite popular on mobile devices, particularly now that it’s simple to uncover all of the most recent promotions for players to take advantage of thanks to websites like oddschecker.

A gaming PC justifies its heft price tag because it has the hardware to run all of the games you could want to throw at it. It’ll run far more titles than your grandma’s five-year-old laptop and it’ll run everything else better. The reason for this is that AAA computer games are incredibly resource-intensive. To get the photo-quality graphics, realistic physics, and challenging AI-controlled opponents, you need a lot of hardware to run all the complex calculations in real time.

The same is true when you compare a modern gaming phone to devices from a few years ago. A five-year-old Android device like the OnePlus 5 would still handle the latest mobile games like Call of Duty: Mobile, but a gaming PC of a similar age would quickly get out of breath when trying to handle Call of Duty: Vanguard. Gaming phones may not have much of an advantage in terms of the number of games that they can play, but do they at least offer benefits in the way of quality?

This isn’t necessarily true for smartphones though. A budget laptop is going to struggle to play many of the games available in the Steam marketplace simply because it doesn’t have the graphics processing power required. However, almost all smartphones sold in advanced economies today will be capable of handling every title in the Google Play Store.

There are some quantifiable metrics like load times, framerates, and whether you can use higher levels of graphics settings. In these cases, gaming phones may offer a benefit but it depends on what device you’re comparing it to and which title(s) you choose to try. Any such benefits are going to be marginal. This is because the CPU and GPU contained in gaming phones are very similar to those found in flagships. For example, the Asus ROG Phone 5, which was released in March 2021, uses a Snapdragon 888 5G chipset and comes with 8, 12, and 16 GB options for memory.

In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra which was released two months earlier used the same 888 chipset and had 12 GB of memory. They both also used the Adreno 660 GPU, giving them equal performance here too. For this reason, any perceived benefits of loading times and reduced lag may be more down to the placebo effect than anything measurable, but in that case, it may not matter if the player is happy. Do Gaming Phones Make Graphics Look Better? So we’ve established that gaming phones will typically have the same graphics processors as similarly-priced flagship smartphones, but that isn’t the only factor that can influence how good (or bad) the images shown to the user look.

Part of the job is taken up by the display itself. The bigger the resolution, the more detail the player will get to see; the faster the refresh rate, the smoother the movements will appear; and the higher the brightness, the more vivid the graphics will appear. Note: Select outbound links may include affiliate tracking codes and AndroidGuys may receive compensation for purchases. Read our policy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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