Apple’s self-service repair program is already being hailed for being prohibitively expensive

Apple's self-service repair program is already being hailed for being prohibitively expensive

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  • Apple’s self-repair program, on paper, allows customers to order tools and replacements parts from the company along with detailed instructions. Reports, however, suggest that Apple is still maintaining a “strict control” on “how and which parts are used for self repair”. The company is offering its own tools for a seven-day rental at $49 (Rs 3,742 approx) and interested customers can only use parts that have been approved by Apple. Now, the tool kit reportedly contains a whole range of equipments, all of which might not even be necessary for the kind of repairs one would be trying to do at home.

  • Apple’s self-repair initiative has previously been chastised for its high cost. Apple has finally launched its self-repair programme in the United States, but it looks that things are not going as planned. Last year, Apple launched its self-repair technology, which is now available for iPhones in the United States. When Apple introduced the programme, it was widely regarded as a positive step forward, with the corporation “finally” revising its stance on device repairs and third-party support and tools. Apple has long had a tight policy when it comes to device repairs, asking that only authorised service centres be trusted to look into any repair cases. The company also refuses to consider any cases in which the device has been opened by a third party.

Apple is also tracking the spare parts in circulation to ensure that only legitimate parts are being used for repairs. So Apple is not only renting out tools you don’t necessarily need, it is also controlling what parts can be used under the self-repair program. Thanks to this, as per reports, trying to fix a device under the self-repair program is turning out to be more expensive than just heading over to an authorised service center for repairs.

And that’s not all, there is a also a $1,000 (Rs 76,367 approx) deposit involved that has to be put in to rent the tool kits needed for certain repairs like display replacements. If the tool kit is sent back in a condition Apple considers “unacceptable” or is returned later than the seven-day period, you will lose the deposit.

According to a statement from iFixit, the iPhone 12 display costs $269.95 (Rs 20,615 approx) and you get $33.60 (Rs 2,565 approx) if you give the device to the company. Now, if you add the $49 for the tool kit rental with a new display, you end up paying $285.35 (Rs 21,791 approx) as compared to paying $279 (Rs 21,306 approx) for in-store repairs. It’s not a massive difference, to be fair, but why would anyone choose the self-repair program over in-store repairs if they can save on the time, effort, and some money?

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