Apple’s M2 Pro processor will be released later this year

Apple's M2 Pro processor will be released later this year

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  • This new M2 Pro processor will be built by TSMC for Apple and it will be used in a wide range of devices later this year. This will include Apple’s new MacBook Pro lineup, its new Mac Pro, and also the rumored iMac Pro, and the iPad Pro. The recently announced Apple M2 chip has improved performance by 18% for the CPU and improved GPU performance by around 35% over the original M1 chip. we can expect similar or higher gains on the new M2 Pro over the M1 Pro processor.

  • Apple’s newest silicon processor, the Apple M2, was announced at WWDC 2022 this week, and now we have details on the Apple M2 Pro chip. According to a recent source, manufacture of the new M2 CPU will begin later this year, indicating that Apple is getting ready to debut its next chip. The Apple M2 Pro is projected to be based on a 3-nanometer technology, with considerable performance improvements over the M1 Pro CPU.

Things certainly are getting interesting for Apple’s Macs with their own Silicon processors, it will be interesting to see what performance gains the next-generation Apple Silicon processor brings to the Mac. We are expecting these new Macs to launch sometime in the fall, probably around October or November.

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