apples iPhone could soon include lasers

apples iPhone could soon include lasers

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  • The most likely application of the under display HCSEL would be the improvement of biometrics, with improved Face ID and potentially the return of Touch ID. With an increased focus on virtual reality for both work and gaming in the technology market, the new technology could also be used with watches to “gather performance metrics for the user’s interaction with an augmented or virtual world,” according to the patent. Health and fitness capabilities are also potentially getting a boost.

  • Home > Latest News > Lasers Could Soon Be Added to Apple’s iPhone Apple’s iPhone could soon include lasers. SHARE facebook-sharetwitter-sharegoogle-sharelinked-share. According to a recent patent, Apple is exploring adding lasers to upcoming iPhones and Apple Watches. The Cupertino-based technology giant is planning to incorporate Horizontal Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (HCSEL) under the display, which could be utilised to enhance functionality in a variety of ways, according to a report by Patently Apple.

“Health and fitness data may be used to provide insights into a user’s general wellness, or may be used as positive feedback to individuals using technology to pursue wellness goals.” The implementation of lasers may potentially lead to air quality analysis features “in combination with a photodetector”, something that has become increasingly of concern following the COVID-19 pandemic and the mould caused by the NSW floods. Finally, the patent also suggests upgraded camera functionality, something that makes sense as the current Pro iPhones use LiDAR for autofocus.


“In some cases, one or more of the camera 1010, components 1014, and/or I/O devices 1016 may include one or an array of HCSELs or optoelectronic devices.” This patent doesn’t confirm anything, and it may end up resulting in nothing for Apple. As advanced as some of these features are, we will have to wait for Apple to confirm the implementation of HCSEL.

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