Apples iPhone 13 lacks five features that Android phones have

Apples iPhone 13 lacks five features that Android phones have

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  • That being said, the iPhone has come a long way over the past two years. Before the iPhone 13 debuted, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 gained capabilities that were previously only available on Android devices, such as 5G support, OLED display technology on entry-level phones and Night mode for the camera. Your phone preference will likely come down to whether you prefer iOS or Android, rather than specific features. Regardless, there are still a few ways I’d like to see the iPhone catch up to Android.

  • For example, many Android phones have a borderless screen with a notch-free design and a fingerprint sensor built into the display. These features aren’t new, either, and have been available on some Android phones for years.

The iPhone 13’s notch isn’t quite as wide as the iPhone 12’s, but it’s definitely present. Many Android device makers, on the other hand, have managed to design screens with camera cutouts that are barely visible, making the phone’s front feel more like a seamless sheet of glass.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 smartphones, for example, have a tiny hole for the camera located near the top of the display and it’s been implementing similar designs on its flagship devices since the Galaxy S10 launched in 2019. The same can be said for Google’s Pixel 5a and the OnePlus 9.

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