Apple’s augmented reality and virtual reality glasses and headsets are almost guaranteed to be launched

Apple's augmented reality and virtual reality glasses and headsets are almost guaranteed to be launched

Tech Highlights:

  • Apple’s new headset will look similar to the Quest 2, but it will be more streamlined. Fabrics and lightweight materials will be used for further comfort. It will function as a mixed reality headgear that supports both AR and VR. We can readily discern that this will be a high-end headset with a price range of $2000 to $3000 based on the expected specs and Apple’s market.

  • Apple’s AR/VR glasses and headsets are almost certain to be released. In a note to investors, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the company aims to debut its first mixed reality headgear in 2022. The business is currently working on two separate AR/VR projects. This includes the aforementioned Apple AR headset, which is expected to arrive in late 2022, as well as AR smart glasses in 2023.

the headset will have a hybrid Fresnel lens designed to improve FOV, reduce weight and thickness. The company will also have custom prescription lenses available to put on the AR headset. The headset is also rumored to have two high-resolution 4K displays.

Recently, Kuo has also speculated that the headset will come with advanced hand tracking. While the Quest 2 also has hand tracking, it still relies on controllers most of the time. This will be done through the help of four sets of 3D sensors that will be on Apple’s AR headset.

Kuo has also confirmed that the headset will feature 15 camera modules. The headset will use eight cameras for see-through augmented reality experiences, six for innovative biometrics, and one for environmental detection. Apple is trying to make the AR headset as lightweight as possible, with the final weight ranging from 300-400 grams (~0.66-0.88lbs).

It will be similar to how Apple’s Face ID works to generate emojis expressions. Earlier this year, Patently Apple pointed out a patent application from Apple which details a similar concept.

Apple is currently working with TMSC to make the SoCs that power the device. They have even made two additional chips for the headset. These SoCs will be as powerful as the M1 chips used in the Mac and might feature AI and machine learning. Nonetheless, the SoC will help optimize wireless data transmission, compressing and decompressing video, and power efficiency for maximum battery life.

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