Apple TV will have 8K video.

Apple TV will have 8K video.

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  • Most major TV makers have already implemented AV1 in hardware, as has Netflix and YouTube in software, but Apple are yet to implement it, despite being part of the alliance that created it. The question over whether Apple will add it to the current Apple TV 4K or wait until the Apple TV 2022 is released has now been raised. According to hdtvtest, the Apple TV 4K may struggle with 8K video, as the A12 Bionic chip it uses doesn’t support hardware decoding for AV1, whilst the HDMI 2.1 port is capped at 18gbps data transfer.

  • Home > Latest News > 8K video to be included on Apple TV. According to a mention in the company’s tvOS 16 beta code, your Apple TV may soon be able to play 8K video. According to a flatpanelshd article, Apple is preparing to add AV1 functionality to its tvOS, iOS, iPadOS, and macOS operating systems. The Alliance for Open Media developed AV1 as a free substitute for HEVC, which is used for 4K streaming.

Whilst Apple could very well release AV1 for 4K on the current gen Apple TV, it seems like it might wait for the more capable device.

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