Apple released a video called “A Dozen Eggs” that was based on a iPhone

Apple released a video called "A Dozen Eggs" that was based on a iPhone

Tech Highlights:

  • The one-minute video displays a variety of situations taken with an iPhone 13 Pro, all of which involve… eggs. Stop motion editing was used in some parts of the video, while macro mode was used in others. Michel Gondry, a French director and screenwriter noted for his distinctive visual style and superb scene manipulation, directed the video.

  • Apple has released a hilarious movie called “A Dozen Eggs” that displays the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera in action. Of course, the video is about eggs, as the title indicates.

What happens when you take a dozen eggs, add iPhone 13 Pro and throw in the inventive mind of Michel Gondry? The simple becomes cinema.

Earlier this month, Apple had also shared another video promoting the iPhone 13 camera with “Everyday Experiments” made with RC cars, food, and animals. You can watch the latest video below and check out some of the others at the following links.

Besides the images captured with the iPhone, there are also some editing tricks that make the videos more fun and intriguing. Apple has published the entire clip on its YouTube channel.

‘A Dozen Eggs’ takes full advantage of the iPhone 13 Pro’s cinematography prowess, creating movie-like sequences that most people would have a hard time believing were shot on a phone and telling a story through camera illusions. The video also features a couple of stop motion sequences that are a thing of beauty.

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