Apple patent covers a lens system for iPhones, iPads

The protrusion of the camera in the future of the iPhone may include an “interlocking scheme for installing additional third-party lenses, according to a new patent granted to Apple.

The idea seems possible, compromising the elegant design that we expect from our iPhones. Yes, in fact, “the best camera is the one in your pocket”, but in the future, you may want to have a bag.

In recent years, companies like Apple have urgently added an extra camera to their smartphone, allowing for an ultra wide viewing angle and a short telephoto lens. Other photographic challenges that may arise in the form factor of these thin and portable computers, such as zoom lenses and shooting in low light, are dealt with through software and algorithms.

As a result, many great photographers use iPhones today. Some of the works within the limits of the users. Others will expand that to the native camera, using third-party lenses. Some of them even used complicated equipment for a smartphone equipped with a DSLR lens holder.

Apple interchangeable lens assembly, a patent will examine some of the ideas

Apple’s constant effort to revolutionize the smartphone camera. And yet, the ideas and inventions registered in the USA. The Patent and Trade Office generally does not see the light of day. Apple ordered this particular interchangeable lens, patented in March 2017, however, it just won on February 14.

Patent summaries can be vague and offer a variety of models. ”On the one hand, Apple’s idea was to have a support that holds with glue. The mountain air in the grooves corresponds to the mounting ring on the rear of the lens.

Another version could be to use a special camera module that consists of sensors and the automatic, leveled focus, according to the patent information. “In some embodiments, a camera module may include one or more of the elements including an optical axis of a lens, which is in possession of one or more lens elements in a lens holder and the interlocking system for fixing of the lens on the carrier lens, “says the patent.” In addition, the camera module, a lens, an actuator to move the lens holder in relation to the image sensor “.

The patent also makes reference to voice-activated mechanisms and processors. A processor that would create an image on the screen of an iPad, iPhone or iPad.

Per: Apple World Today

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