Apple Park, known as “one of the most secret places in the world”.

Apple Park, known as "one of the most secret places in the world".

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  • Apple Park in Cupertino, California, is rarely open to anybody who isn’t an Apple employee. Prior to the global health crisis, Apple had in-person events on campus, but they were extremely limited, with visitors restricted to the Steve Jobs Theater rather than the main building itself.

  • TF1 has secured rare and unique access to Apple Park, dubbing it “one of the most hidden locations on the planet” while interviewing key Apple officials like Greg Joswiak, senior vice president of marketing, and others.

TF1 has released fresh footage from Apple Park, which shows employees discussing and apparently working on the company’s next generation of goods, software, and services.

The faces of Apple employees are also blurred in the segment to protect their identity.

The tape, as predicted, has no glimpses of unpublished items, with some hazy views of offices and areas where new and unannounced products may be kept.

TF1 said that during their stay at ‌Apple Park‌, many doors remain closed and everywhere they filmed followed negotiations with Apple. Speaking to TF1, Greg Joswiak, otherwise known as Joz, said when Steve Jobs conceived ‌Apple Park‌, he wanted to create an office for the future.

When Steve Jobs designed Apple Park, he wanted to create the office building of the future. He wanted a place where people leave the office, where they meet by chance, collaborate, and exchange ideas, so he wanted it to be a place to walk.

The report adds employees partake in formal meetings that may be held in large conference rooms while they’re walking around the circumference of ‌Apple Park‌ to promote creativity. Apple is on track to become the world’s first-ever $3 trillion company, and Joz said that he believes Apple is “in a position where if we can imagine something, then we can create it. We can make it real.”

One of Apple’s top priorities is health, and during their time at ‌Apple Park‌, the TF1 crew had a chance to speak to Dr. Sumbul Desai, Apple’s vice president of health. “Our goal is to provide data that is useful to users and also to their doctors. We don’t want to replace this doctor-patient relationship, but we want to improve it,” said Dr. Desai. “What is very important is that users can choose element by element what data they authorize and Apple does not receive and see any of your data. They remain inside the device,” she added regarding the privacy of users’ health data.

TF1 also spoke to Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of the environment, about the company’s initiatives and efforts in protecting the environment. ‌Apple Park‌ itself is covered with solar panels on its roof, helping to reduce its carbon footprint and energy usage. “This is what our customers expect. And for us, it means being more attentive to the materials we use, reusing some of them and innovating to take this recycling into account from the design of our products,” Jackson said.

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