Apple Mail will get a “major upgrade” in iOS 16 so it can catch up with Gmail

Apple Mail will get a "major upgrade" in iOS 16 so it can catch up with Gmail

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  • One such reason is the ability to unsend an email. Yeah, you read it right. This option will soon be available for our beloved Mail app as well. However, just as it is with Gmail, you will have a time period in which you can cancel the email. In Apple’s case, you will have 10 seconds after you have sent an email to decide whether you want to recall it or not.

  • The trendiest child on the block, or at least in the mobile tech scene, is iOS 16. That’s because the most recent version of iOS will offer a slew of new capabilities to a wide range of apps. When iOS 16 is released internationally this autumn, those of us who use Apple Mail for our everyday email contact will have even more reasons to rejoice.

The unsend feature is useful if you have accidentally sent an email to someone or have sent an angry email to Netflix over the cancellation of another of your favorite shows, only to realize that there is no point in complaining because no one will read your emotional message in the first place. Aside from the problems you can prevent by recalling an email, the Mail app will also let you know if you forget to include an attachment or other “important part of your message.” In addition to that, Apple will also add a Remind Later feature to let you “resurface a message at any date and time” and a Follow Up option which will automatically remind you to follow up on an email. You will be able to schedule emails ahead of time as well, preventing you from forgetting to send an important email at a specific moment.


Furthermore, with iOS 16, Mail will also receive “the biggest overhaul” to its search feature. Apple said that it has incorporated “state-of-the-art techniques” to show you “more relevant, accurate, and complete results.” With the upgraded search feature, you will easily find recent emails, contacts, documents, and links. As Apple stated, you will see what you are looking for the moment you begin to search for emails.

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