Apple is working on a new wireless charging system Tech According to MagSafe

Apple is working on a new wireless charging system Tech According to MagSafe

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  • The latest development comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter. He writes, “I also believe Apple is working on short and long-distance wireless charging devices and that it imagines a future where all of Apple’s major devices can charge each other. Imagine an iPad charging an iPhone and then that iPhone charging AirPods or an Apple Watch.” Details on the new wireless charger remain unclear, and its tentative launch date is also a mystery. However, this isn’t the first time Apple has been said to be working on a new wireless charging tech.

  • The company unveiled its new take on wireless charging tech with MagSafe last year with the Apple iPhone 12 series.

Back in March 2020, months before the launch of MagSafe, YouTuber and tipster Jon Prosser claimed that “AirPower isn’t dead” and that the project was “back on internally.” The tipster added that Apple “has not given up yet” and is attempting to “re-engineer the coils” to displace heat more effectively. Despite having a decent track record, his information turned out to be fake, and a prototype image he shared turned out to be a clone device that’s not an AirPower and not designed by Apple.

Some reports even suggest that Apple might bring reverse charging tech on the next iPhones to let users charge AirPods or Apple Watch by simply placing them on the rear panel of the phone. However, Apple only uses large batteries on the ‘Pro Max’ models and to let iPhone juice accessories like earbuds, the phone would require a relatively bigger battery, thereby either increasing the thickness or weight of the device.

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