Apple is waiting until June to release its AR/VR headset

News Summary:

  • Apple originally intended to unveil the AR/VR headset at an event in April, but it has since decided to postpone that announcement because it will no longer be able to meet that deadline. Apple found that there are still hardware and software problems that need to be resolved after conducting additional product testing.

  • Apple is now aiming to launch its AR/VR headset in June rather than April. This means that the device’s release date has been pushed back two months. A public debut is anticipated during the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Apple originally intended to release the headset in the middle of 2022, but the company has previously delayed its release several times. Later in 2022, January 2023 became the new date, followed by April 2023 and now June 2023. Given that Apple hasn’t announced many other significant device updates recently, it’s unclear what the delay means for a potential spring event, but we might see the introduction of a 15-inch MacBook Air and a new Apple silicon Mac Pro.

Apple continues to work on fixing issues with the hand and eye control features. Users may be able to select an app with a glance and then activate it with a pinch gesture, according to rumors, if the headset supports both eye movements and hand gestures.

Apple will continue to develop the headset after it is unveiled at WWDC before making it available for purchase later in the year. Gurman warns that the launch date might change once more, but Apple wants to have it on sale by the end of 2023 if at all possible because it is the year’s most anticipated product.

The headset is anticipated to cost around $3,000 at launch, which will limit consumer interest in it. Apple is already developing a more affordable second-generation product. Our dedicated roundup has more details on Apple’s development of an AR/VR headset.