Apple is reportedly working on 8 secret products right now

Apple is reportedly working on 8 secret products right now

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  • Out of all the things you could expect Apple to be working on, a drone would be at the bottom of the list, right? But it seems like it’s happening.

  • Apple may be finished by 2021, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working on fresh and interesting items now. While some of these goods will not be available until 2022, others may be available sooner. Apple is rumoured to be working on some revolutionary technology that you might not have ever imagined. Sure, it’s simple to assume Apple is working on a new iPhone or Apple Watch right now — it does this all the time. Continue reading to learn about eight more alleged projects that are both more fascinating (and considerably cooler)!

New rumors say Apple’s been testing in drone technology for over a year now. This device could make use of LiDAR sensors to help you control the drone better with nothing else but your iPhone or iPad.

One of the ongoing rumors is that Apple’s working on two different projects related to virtual and augmented reality. And one of these projects is the so-called Apple Glass—the company’s first-ever smart glasses.

Don’t expect it to come anytime soon, though. It’s still too early to tell when or if the Apple drone will see the light of day, especially since Apple’s still filing patents for it.

the Apple glasses will let you see real-time notifications right near your eyes. You’d be able to see all of your texts, emails, and maps right in the glass without ever taking your iPhone out. There are also rumors that the glasses will have games in which you’ll use your field of vision to control.

The glasses would also have their own App Store for you to download both Apple apps and third-party apps like you do on your Apple Watch.

Another even crazier rumor based on an Apple patent says that these glasses won’t need any prescriptions because they’ll be able to adjust to your eyesight, albeit we’re still not sure if that’s actually going to make its way to the glasses.

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